Hektec specializes in the design of Building Pits

We do not limit ourselves to sheet piles design, but go further, to realize the best possible building pit. We also use 3D modelling.

Hektec can provide support in designing a construction site.

Drawings can be worked out in 3D by Hektec with the help of Revit. This has many advantages when designing and developing a retaining structure. For example in clah detection, the interfaces between a cofferdam and the existing environment are visually presented. Think, for example, of grout anchors that have to cross a K&L line or where the grout anchors have to be placed under a piled embankment.

In the cofferdam, too, the interfaces are immediately visible, for example rake piles placed near to a retaining wall  a strutting frame that crosses a tower crane or the distances between these auxiliary structures and the construction itself.

This is why 3D modelling helps us to make a better design.

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